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  • Kins Release New EP 'Cyclical'

    July 6, 2015   Ones To Watch band Kins have released their new EP Cyclical today via East City Records.

  • Hear and Download Kins' New Single "Young"

    May 28, 2015   Ones To Watch band Kins have announced a new EP titled Cyclical, which will follow the band's most recent self-titled album.

  • Artist Spotlight: Q&A with Kins

    October 1, 2014   In need of a new jam band? Meet Kins, a quirky quartet of Brighton boys and purveyors of mesmerizingly good guitar-pop. Their music needs very little introduction; it speaks for itself as an unapologetically ambient homage to the forces of Radiohead and My Bloody Valentine, with a familiar twist of anti-establishment whispers. The band released their self-titled debut earlier this year and recently wrapped up a North American tour. Before they jetted out of our reach, we caught up with bandmember Alex Knight, who plays drums, to discuss Kins’ first year on the road. Read on below for our interview.  Ones To Watch: Your lineup has undergone some changes since the band's inception: how was it adjusting to being a trio? Alex Knight: Earlier this year we added our pal Alex Crosby to line up, so we’re back on four legs now and the sun is shining. Ones To Watch: Since the last album, where has your focus turned musically. Are you working on something completely different, or exploring along a similar path?   AK: The new material is a 45 - 90 degree turn in a direction where we’re covering more of the spectrum than before; softer, louder, faster, slower etc.   Ones To Watch: Kins is full of energy but there is an anti-violence stance in your music, particularly in the video for "Aimless." What is the background of this? AK: The footage was used more for it’s turbulent nature and how we thought that matched the song rather than trying to make a specific statement about pacifism. That said, we always value any interpretations people come up with, it’s never a matter of ”you got that one wrong”. Ones To Watch: Was there an album that blew you away this year? AK: DEAD by Young Fathers. Ones To Watch: What were the last five songs you intentionally listened to? AK: “Just What I Needed” - The Cars, “Care Of Cell 44” - The Zombies, “Daddy Never Understood” - Folk Implosion, “Slave To The Wage” - Placebo + “Body Betrays Itself” - Pharmakon. Ones To Watch: We saw Thom play in socks at SXSW this year. What's the strangest article of clothing you've ever performed in? AK: A floral dress. Ones To Watch: You just wrapped up a big North American tour. What was the biggest difference when playing U.S. crowds as opposed to Australian and European crowds? AK: European crowds are obviously varied; a crowd in Czech Republic for example will be a lot less self aware than one in London. In the U.S it generally feels like you have the audiences full attention and for that reason it’s more enjoyable. Ones To Watch: What was the greatest struggle you had to overcome to get Kins to where it is today? AK: Finding a bass player; it’s harder than you’d think. Ones To Watch: Do you see yourself reincarnating as a band, or doing something similar to what you've struck out to do since day 1? AK: Reincarnation sounds preferable. Ones To Watch: What's the most un-Kins song, that you've ever written and what were the lyrics? AK: The further you go back the less it feels like ‘Kins’ if you know what I mean? We’ll have to get back to you on the lyrics.

  • The Conclusion: SXSW 2014

    March 17, 2014   Here's the truth about SXSW: probably 90% of the actual discovery happens through hearing names of bands buzzing around that you weren't actually there to catch.

  • Festival Envy: What We're Excited For This SXSW

    March 10, 2014   SXSW 2014 has arrived.