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  • Rip Your Heart Wide Open with Pop Darling Daya's "New" Banger

    October 12, 2017   18-year-old pop breakout star Daya has returned with "New," her driving and heart-wrenching first single and video release with a major label.

    Author: Valentina Carrillo

     Daya  New  pop  electronica 
  • Lil Durk Reassigns New Mixtape's Release Date

    June 26, 2014   Ones to Watch rapper Lil Durk is set release his next mixtape, Signed to the Streets 2, on July 2nd.

  • WATCH Kid Ink's Hot New Video ft. Tyga and Chris Brown

    May 16, 2014   Ever wondered what it's like to fly with a rockstar?

  • WATCH: Classixx - "A Stranger Love"

    April 6, 2014   L.A.’s dreamy electronic duo Classixx’ single “A Stranger Love” off last year’s Hanging Gardens LP got a new visual treatment. Set in the illusory, sprawling landscape of L.A. at night, the song serves as the backdrop to literally the best birthday celebration ever as a young girl and her friend sneak into drive-ins, TP a mansion, chill by the pool, and play pretend like they’ll be young forever. You bet we’re advocates of this. Watch below. 

  • We Like Sisyphus' Odd New Album

    March 27, 2014   Photo: Brenden Beecy "Beat it, don’t tweet it, cheat it." Just another magical line from Sisyphus’ new album. The last we’d heard from Sufjan Stevens, Serengeti, and Son Lux, it was back in December when they released their single, “Calm It Down.” Now, they have their self-titled sophomore album out in the open, and it’s a low-key, off the wall riot, of sorts. Our favorites are “Rhythm of Devotion” and other ones where Sufjan sings at length (we must confess: it’s been too long since we’ve heard that). Also, yesterday the trio dropped another weird treasure: a music video for “Booty Call.” Check it out, and stream Sisyphus’ new album below (via SoundCloud). 

  • Aussie Pop Gets a Facelift With The Griswolds

    October 29, 2013   "I think our style of music all comes down to big choruses you can sing along to," says Christopher Whitehall, singer and guitarist of The Griswolds. Big, fizzy choruses are what this five-piece outfit from Sydney are all about. Take their single "Mississippi," a tropical mess of power-pop off their debut Heart of a Lion EP. It's the song that inspired Whitehall and guitarist Daniel Duque-Perez to flesh out their jam session into a full on band, adding bassist Tim John, drummer Chris Riley and keyboardist Lachlan West to complete the picture. If you're a fan of partying, sugar highs and bands that rhyme with Campfire tree's end, do yourself a favor and check out their artist page at Also, grab an exclusive download of "Mississippi" below.   

  • Can It Be November Now? We Want Records!

    October 25, 2013   I know this may sound controversial.