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  • MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE: Walker Lukens- "Don't Wanna Be Lonely (Don't Wanna Leave You Alone)"

    September 11, 2017   "The video examines the character of loneliness as imposed by modernity in contemporary American culture."

    Author: Yasmin Damoui

  • 10 Indie Songs to Beat Rush Hour

    September 15, 2014   Hop into the auditory time machine and go back to 80's new-wave pop with Fickle Friends' "PLAY."

  • Current Obsession: Operators

    August 6, 2014   Britt Daniel wasn't the only member of Divine Fits with a new record out this week.

  • New Music Tuesday 8/5/14

    August 5, 2014   Spoon is back and saucy as ever, perhaps even saucier.

  • New Music Tuesday: The Jenny Lewis Effect

    July 29, 2014   This week sees music from some classic Ones To Watch favorites including Spoon and Jenny Lewis, with forthcoming releases from Chapel Hill’s Spider Bags and a new beach-pop record to turn your attention to.  Jenny Lewis - The Voyager  The Rilo Kiley and Postal Service frontwoman has spent a considerable amount of time making her new album; six years have passed since we last heard from her as a solo artist. In that time, she’s embarked on a reunion tour (with the Postal Service), struck up a musical project - Jenny and Johnny - with her boyfriend Jonathan Rice, and said goodbye to a parent. For a Gen X baby who came of age in the ’80s, experiencing such milestones in the last half decade create a considerable amount of things to talk about. Lewis explores all this in her wryly honest way, her musicianship holding hands with Buddy Holly, Neko Case, and The Shins: out of place in any decade, and that’s about one of the best things we’ve heard all year.  Spoon - They Want My Soul  Britt Daniel has taken a momentary break from Divine Fits to record a new  Spoon record, They Want My Soul, out on August 5. Like Lewis, the last we heard from Spoon was in 2010. On the heels of their weird new video for “Inside Out,” which premiered exactly a week ago, you can advance stream They Want My Soul on iTunes now.  Alvvays - Alvvays Beachy, lo-fi guitar pop that’s not a painstaking carbon copy of Best Coast? Toronto-based quintet Alvvays delivers this up in their debut self-titled record which you can stream on Spotify here. While the members were each involved in individual musical projects prior to forming Alvvays, including a Canadian pop-folk family act, the band found its new sound in the sleeper hits of Peter, Bjorn, and John. This Indie-folk-inspired talent is surely on the rise.  Spider Bags - Frozen Letter The noisiest upcoming release comes, not surprisingly, from Merge Records (Arcade Fire, Neutral Milk Hotel) artist Spider Bags with their debut release Frozen Letter. Touting the frenetic energy of a punk rock band beneath a fuzzy veil of harmless cobwebs, frontman Dan Magee, formerly of DC Snipers, unleashes garage party dance anthems with the unparalleled glee of a recently liberated delinquent. Hear their album via First Listen on NPR. 

  • Let's Get Weird With Spoon

    July 22, 2014   Shortly after airing a surreal apocalyptic music video for "Do You," Spoon debuted their third single "Inside Out" from their forthcoming album They Want My Soul. The lyric video for "Inside Out" is built on abstract art pop images that pixellate into different illustrations, exuding the same wacky zing from "Do You." The undulating electronic thumps in the background create an in-and-out melodic effect where Britt Daniel's zesty chants capture us into a phantasmagorical soundscape. They Want My Soul will be out on August 5th.

  • A Mid-Summer's Playlist

    July 7, 2014   Photo: Dirk Dallas In case you were digging around for some new music to add to your poolside playlists, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite July tracks to consider. Read on.  Broods - "Mother & Father" Pop artisans Broods add their own washy and wavy tics on their new track "Mother & Father." The New Zealand sibling duo released their single "Mother & Father" on June 19th. At first it may come off as soul, but the pounding chorus jabs you to a pop arena.  Spoon - "Do You" Stacked with percussion and xylophone strikes, Spoon's second single "Do You" gives you the indie rock space to jig. Released on July 1st, "Do You" is their second newest release from their forthcoming album They Want My Soul, due August 5th, 2014.  De Lux - "Moments" In this 80s-style dancing jam, "Moments" teleports you back into an electro fuzz infinity where the echoing vocals makes you wonder if you should be doing the "runner man" or some other 80s moves. Released on June 20, 2014, "Moments" is their second track from their latest album Voyage. You can purchase the album here and follow them on Facebook. The Magician feat. Years & Years - "Sunlight" In this firework-filled dancefloor anthem, The Magician pairs up with electro-soul crafters Years & Years to create a dynamic and explosive track. Released on June 24, 2014, "Sunlight" is perfect for a summer cookout, rooftop party or firework fest.  Superfood - "Right on Satellite" Birmingham-based Britpop band, Superfood, released its latest single "Right on Satellite" on June 17, 2014. A chantey hardened with strums and drums, Superfood pays tribute to 90s Britpop in this new song. Track down their steps on Facebook. Nile Rodgers - "Do What You Want to Do" Disco-R&B king, Nile Rodgers, debuted his single "Do What You Want to Do" on July 1st, 2014. Fire up your moves (and the grill) in this 1970s-and-2014-fused buzz that leaves you in summertime Caribbean fuzz. Follow the legendary musician here. Ryan Adams - "Gimme Something Good" In this guitar-driven track, "Gimme Something Good," Ryan Adams takes you to a stroll in a rock and alternative country ambience. Released on July 1st, "Gimme Something Good" is a first glimpse of his upcoming 14th album Ryan Adams, which will be released on September 9, 2014. Follow Ryan Adams in here and pre-order his album in iTunes. Young Yeller - "1st Love" Pop chillwave artist, Young Yeller, debuted his music video "1st Love" on June 30, 2014. Originally from Brooklyn, Jesse Brickel is the man behind Young Yeller and the mellowed high-pitch tune of this frizzy, dreamy pop song.  Anushka - "Mansions" UK duo, Anushka, feeds you with 60s aura with their UK garage and soul-filled techno collision, "Mansions." Their music video for "Mansions" was released on July 1st, where we see people in roller-skates spinning around the city. Follow them on Facebook and check out their latest album Broken Circuit, which was released on June 30th. Nick Waterhouse - "Sleeping Pills" Get your 70s-garage kick from Nick Waterhouse's newest music video "Sleeping Pills." Released on June 30, 2014, "Sleeping Pills" is the fifth track from his album Holly. Obtain your modern and classic swag in this angst-filled, exhilarating ballad that makes you reminisce the 60s in an otherwise present R&B/soul atmosphere. You can purchase his album here and follow him on Facebook. By: Sun Jung