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  • Troi Irons Is Reviving Alternative Rock with Electrifying "Strangers" [PREMIERE]

    March 7, 2019   Influenced by Alanis Morissette, The Dead Weather, and Shirley Manson, Irons is pushing for an innovative renaissance of genre-bending rock.

    Author: Alissa Arunarsirakul

  • Album spotlight on: RAC - Strangers

    June 12, 2014   We dive into a recent favorite album of ours. Words: Sun Jung You've heard his remixes before, maybe in the form of Lana del Rey's "Blue Jeans" or Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody." If you haven't, you're missing out one of the most gifted multi-breeds of producer, pop star, DJ, and composer out there - yes, we are talking about RAC here - a name that has been bopping around incessantly in the world of music since last year. When it comes to RAC's works, think about electronics blissfully gliding under human voices where they set up a cushion of billowing processed thumps. Rather than aggressively devouring the singer's voice with thrusting up-tempos, the instrumental passages are lyrics-friendly and emit a syncopating effect that creates an offhanded invigorating tune. Take “Let Go,” the epic opening to his debut, Strangers, an ebullient track with sporadic flings of robot voice in a sea of brazen rhythm.  This is RAC's spell - he keeps the old pop's spotlight on the texts, but raises the surrounding melodies to a new artificial intensity that transports the listener to a nirvana where both techno and pop join, not collapse. He does justice in both the sonic and syntax level, exuding a zany electro-pop sass in his works. The mastermind behind RAC or Remix Artist Collective is Portugal’s André Allen Anjos. Anjos' latest magnum opus, Strangers, was originally released in two parts: Part 1 comprising of seven tracks launched on March 4th and Part 2 containing nine tracks released along the full version. It features a list of guest stars, including Tegan and Sara, Tokyo Police Club, and Penguin Prison to name a few.The complete album is a seismic sketch that catapults you from summer, techno dance-pop zone to mid-tempo harmonious break. This wobbling sequence provides mellifluous interludes to relax and amplifies the impact of the following whooshing ballad. Strangers has been sequenced taking into account its audience' necessity to delve into exhilarating moments followed by soothing instances to recover. We exit Strangers in the same euphoric trajectory covered in fuzz with "Cheap Sunglasses" featuring Mathew Koma. It is a track that you would play during traffic, pool parties, road trip, or any occasion in need of a groove kick - while serving as a metaphor to criticize someone plastic. RAC's mystifying mongrel of electro-pop is one bedazzling auditory drug manufactured with addictive substances that were placed in the right places of the meter. Get the hit you need to celebrate, laze, or dream from Anjos' pure, original oeuvre. 

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