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  • NONONO Release Pumpin Blood App

    November 20, 2013   Leave it to the Swedish to be totally innovative with the way they put out music.

  • Five Things You Need To See And Hear Today

    October 21, 2013   5. Jim James ponders modern technology in his new music video for “State Of The Art (A.E.I.O.U.)” [Photo: Live on Jimmy Kimmel] 4. Sleigh Bells give a riling performance of “Bitter Rivals” and “Tiger Kit” - off their new album Bitter Rivals - on Jimmy Kimmel Live. [Photo: @senseofsound, Instagram] 3. Jessie Ware debuted an incredible new track, “True Believers,” in Dallas last week. [Photo: @robsessed85, Instagram] 2. Get in the Halloween spirit with a free download of Beach Day’s track, “Dracula’s Daughter” off their album Trip Track Attack.  [Photo: Beach Day] 1. Jake Bugg gets hit by a squash in the hilarious new music video for “Slumville Sunrise,” directed by Shane Meadows.  [Photo: Richard Gray, Clash Music]