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  • Glass Animals Make Us Dazed & Confused in "Hazey"

    September 4, 2014   Leave it to Glass Animals to throw us into a dazed and confused Thursday afternoon.

  • Glass Animals Wrestles Kanye's "Love Lockdown"

    July 16, 2014   Oxford Ones To Watch band Glass Animals, whose debut album Zaba recently reached #1 on Spotify’s emerge artists chart, have been doing Kanye West covers on the sly as they prowl the world on tour. Namely, the group wrestled “Love Lockdown” into a bluesy cover that aired on triple j’s “Live A Version” program in April. With singer Dave Bayley cooing into Kanye’s off beats, this cover shakes off its chains and heads straight for the wilderness. Hear the recorded version above. 

  • Glass Animals Debut 'Zaba' is Out Now

    June 10, 2014   Ones To Watch band Glass Animals’ debut record, Zaba, is out now via Wolf Tone, label of producer Paul Epworth (Animal Collective, Adele). 

  • Listen: Glass Animals - "Pools"

    April 17, 2014   As Glass Animals near their debut album ZABA's June release date, they continue to slip us seductive little peeks of what's to come. Their latest offering is “Pools.” Set in a breezy, balmy jungle of R&B and synthesizer-kissed pop, listen below, and read our interview with Glass Animals here.