Take A Trip Inside Ambar Lucid’s Mind with Stunning Debut EP, ‘Dreaming Lucid’


Ambar Lucid is an icon in the making. We've been following the bilingual songstress as she releases bedroom-style indie masterpieces leading up to the drop of her debut EP, Dreaming Lucid. The first few singles from the project, "Eyes" and "A letter to my younger self" are strikingly mature in musicality and lyrical content for an artist who is still technically a teenager. The project is accompanied by a diary-style video of Lucid's inner thoughts and musical journey, directed by Omar Apollo and BROCKHAMPTON collaborator Aidan Cullen. Apollo is set to go on a short tour with Ambar Lucid in April, a fact that warrants internal screams of joy followed by a prompt purchase of tickets. Lucid's debut EP is delightfully true to her artistry; down to earth, boundary-pushing and culturally diverse. Grab some headphones, sit back and prepare to lucid dream.

The title track, "Dreaming Lucid" is the first song on the EP. Eerie instrumentation creates a dreamlike state, which Lucid toplines confidently. She outlines the thesis for the entire project with one line, singing,

"When I close my eyes, I dream of a place where it's all alright."

"Pineapple Death" plays off the absurdity of lucid dreaming, with a whimsical tone and mellow feel coupled together. "Eyes" follows with powerful emotion – you could call it a declaration of love, delivered with a passion that edges close to desperation. Lucid sings,

"Your beautiful mind is far too pretty to understand mine."

"Somewhere In Between" is five minutes and 17 seconds of longing, Lucid's voice drenched in anguish throughout. The beginning of the song is chilling, as the scraping of strings fills the space until a padded tinkling sound comes in. The chorus is nothing short of breathtaking, and seamlessly blends two different languages to sound like one.


A letter to my younger self" would make any mother emotional. The song evokes childhood memories, from running in between clothes lines to sitting on the porch watching cars go by. Plucked strings in the background of the song create an ethereal tone as Lucid guides the listener through a mix of Spanish and English, singing,

"Mama I apologize, I'm not what you thought in your mind. But I promise I'll be, with all the love that you gave me."

Next comes "Letting Go," which shimmers with energy and movement despite being a ballad. Lucid keeps her vocal delivery gentle until the bridge, where the melodic line explodes into a passionate belt. "I hope u" has a lighter, more playful feel, with big choruses and laidback verses. She sings,

"Maybe when I slip away, you'll understand why it was this way."


"Painted Red" allows Lucid's timeless vocals to take center, also adding a new energetic feel to the mix of songs. The mastery Lucid has over her voice is nothing short of divine, somehow coming across as both smoky and absolutely pure simultaneously. 

Dreaming Lucid peels back the curtains to Ambar Lucid's mind, allowing listeners into her own beautiful and dynamic world. Stay tuned for her upcoming tour dates with Omar Apollo – and revisit her Ones To Watch performance for your exclusive preview of what to expect: