Tamir Cures our Summer Blues with Ultra Sultry “MIA”

Tamir has just sprinkled sweet goodness into our lives with his newest single, "MIA." An anthem for those that are trying to move on or simply get away from it all, lyrics such as "just leave me all alone, I don't need you hangin' on," are sure to resonate.

Tamir shared, 

"I was inspired by the idea of reimagining a girl’s life that she portrays online - by giving this life a story and intertwining it with reality, I wrote MIA.“ 

And boy, did it pay off. "MIA" sounds like velvet feels. With smooth vocals that are reminiscent of honey and an underlying dreamy vibe, the new track is sure to make you feel some type of way.

The rising Israeli artist has received praise from various outlets, including Timeout, which said he presents "a fresh take on soul - merging funk, blues and jazz melodies to create hip-swaying music that gives you the feels."

Watch the video for "MIA" below:

+ Revisit Tamir's moving rendition of "I Was Made To Love Her" live on our rooftop:

Author: Anna Vasquez
August 9, 2019
 tamir  soul