Tangina Stone Captures the Feeling of Being “Anxious” in Repurposed Video [PREMIERE]


Photo: Daniel Vasquez

In 2017, R&B artist Tangina Stone dropped her debut album, Elevate, along with a virtual reality experience for the lead single from the project, "Anxious." Now, two years later, the song that revolves around mental health discussions has been brought back to life in a new form.

Gritty close-ups flash like darting lights in the official video for "Anxious." The track shares the NYC singer-songwriter's battle with anxiety, spreading the message to end the stigma behind mental health discussion. In the video, Stone is viewed wearing a white sweatshirt with the hood up. As the video progresses, shots are drawn out to show copies of Stone in a kaleidoscope-like effect. This later seeps into clear shots of Stone's solemn face to double exposed images of the singer paired with a burning fire. 

The video is chaotic and evokes seriousness as the artist shares her story as someone who struggles with anxiety. The visual alone gives insight into the darting, frenzied mind of one who experiences anxious feelings. The last 30-seconds consist of dizzying flashing shots - between black, white, and blue solid screens that zip between Stone's distressed image.

Watch the exclusive premiere of Tangina Stone's "Anxious" below:

The visual for "Anxious" isn't entirely new, though. These same images exist in the VR experience in a smaller form, surrounded by different settings viewers are jetted to. When "Anxious" was first released in 2017, Stone partnered with Microsoft with a goal of developing the first virtual reality music video. Stone wanted to offer listeners insight into what it is like for those who suffer from mental disorders like anxiety. The video was first released in 2017 at a show in NYC where people were brought into the "Anxious" VR experience. Now, the video is available on Youtube for those to view at home.

Watch the Anxious 360 experience below.