Teddy Swims Radiates an Infectious Appeal on ‘Tough Love’


Photo: The Work of JAR

When you listen to Teddy Swims' Tough Love EP, you're going to have to rethink your definition of the word versatile. An innovative mix of gospel, soul, and country with some poppy hooks mixed in, this six-song EP blends genres in a way that will leave you questioning if the same artist is behind every track. Teddy Swims has the 'it' factor and that factor is his voice. It's the driving reason why Tough Love is as diverse as it is, and what ultimately brings the whole thing together. The EP demands multiple listens; it's a guarantee that you will fall in love with a different track each time.

"911," the first single off Tough Love, is a feel-good soulful track that showcases the unique candor of Teddy's voice, which is oh so smooth. He then goes and hits you with a track like "Simple Things," which contains more of his subtle rasp, forcing you to come to terms with just how talented he is. The timbre in his voice is warm and vibrant. On several tracks, Teddy uses the less is more route when it comes to harmonies, which seems cruel because we definitely need more, and when he transitions into the upper register of his voice, it sounds effortless.

Teddy could be singing about nothing at all, and it would come across as deeply profound. However, on tracks like the upbeat "Love for a Minute" and the mellow ballad "Amazing," he dives deep and gives us a window into his journey of love and heartbreak. 

After initially getting noticed on social media for singing a range of cover songs, Teddy is now putting everyone on notice with his penchant for writing meaningful songs that complement his undeniable natural talent. There is no doubt that 2022 is going to be a massive year for Teddy as more and more people lose themselves in his impactful, soulful timbre.

Listen to Tough Love below: