Teezo Touchdown Scores With “Bad Enough”


Teezo Touchdown doesn't follow a blueprint. Unlike other new rock or pop artists, he isn't rehashing old ideas or wearing his influences on his sleeve. Teezo Touchdown is unapologetically himself. 

"Bad Enough" with Thomas Lopez is without a doubt the most unique video of the year. The football themed video features Teezo with nails through his hair playing guitar in his signature graffitied yard. The van, the bleachers, and the rebellious attitude all compliment the punk rock sound of the track.

Past singles such as "Strong Friend" and "Rooting For You" show a stripped back pop approach where Teezo focuses on the messaging of the track. Contrastingly, "SUCKA!" is hard-hitting, catchy, and more rap influenced. "Bad Enough" once again shows a new side of Teezo. The production is loud, grand and shows Teezo's modern take on classic rock conventions.

Teezo Touchdown takes his fans on a tour through his own punk world with every video. Teezo is one of the most fun and exciting new artists to watch come up and he's doing it on his own terms.

Listen and watch "Bad Enough" by Teezo Touchdown below: