Teezo Touchdown’s Unconventional Approach Shines on “Technically”


Teezo Touchdown is giving his audience a front row seat to his own eccentric world that he builds with each new video. Singles such as "Strong Friend," "Social Cues," "Bad Friend," and "SUCKA!" each show a different side of the complex artist's personality and sound. Teezo takes influence from 90′s rock and alternative music, but applies his own unorthodox style to these familiar sounds. Beyond just the high replay value of each single, Teezo's visuals are incomparable. All set with with the same garage backdrop, Teezo creates a narrative for each video with multiple recurring characters and alter egos that are all played by Teezo himself.

Teezo Touchdown's newest single "Technically" is his catchiest and most colorful single yet. Teezo outfits his garage as a restaurant and performs the song on top of the center table. Every line of this song is catchy enough to be the hook. "The girls in Houston are all 10′s" is one of the catchiest refrains in recent memory and Teezo Touchdown makes it seem effortless. The wild and eccentric video perfectly matches the song and is just as interesting as the track itself.

In a few years, every new artist will be copying Teezo's style of video and his untraditional approach to songwriting. Check out all Teezo's videos if you haven't already and check back for more new music from the rising star.

Watch "Technically" by Teezo Touchdown: