Terry Presume Showcases His Eccentric Style on “Don’t Play Yourself”


Terry Presume is unapologetically himself in every song he releases. Blending indie, alternative, hip hop, and rock, Terry Presume has been making music that is specific and unique to him. On top of all that, his ability to write a catchy hook is unparalleled. The track "Sorry Mrs. Jackson" is the perfect example of his style. The chorus sung by his yelping emotive vocals is one I often return to and can't seem to get out of my head. "In the Rain" and "Momma" also defy genres and sound unlike anything in the current landscape.

Terry Presume returns with his new single "Don't Play Yourself" that features a sung hook, acoustic guitar, and somber rap verses. The background vocals and simplistic instrumentation give the song a warm and subdued tone, while Terry Presume's rapped verses reflect on his obstacles and relationships.

"Don't Play Yourself" is another strong addition to Terry Presume's growing catalogue of self-reflecting, acoustic driven rap. Terry Presume is able to effortlessly bounce from one sound to the next without compromising the quality of any of these ideas. This ability is what gives Terry Presume's music the longevity other artists can't seem to attain.

Listen to "Don't Play Yourself" by Terry Presume below: