The Band CAMINO’s “Sorry Mom” Is an Honest, Heartfelt Confessional


Photo: Jimmy Fontaine

The Band CAMINO is notorious for their catchy hooks, tear-jerking lyrics, and quintessential indie-pop sound. In their latest single, "Sorry Mom," fans are treated to a more raw, unfiltered side to the band as they divulge their biggest insecurities.

With an understated, stripped-back approach, singer Jeffrey Jordan's vocals glide effortlessly over the acoustic guitar. The band's lyrics are deceivingly surface-level, hearing Jordan make declarations of his habits of cursing and drinking, but there is a rich depth to the song.

Growing up, idolizing your parents feels inevitable. Despite a growing sense of independence and desire to rebel throughout adolescence, it's near impossible to shake the aspiration to make your mom proud. "Sorry Mom" hears The Band CAMINO grapple with the mistakes they've made throughout their life, forcing them to face who they are in the present moment, faults and all. It begs the question; would my mom be proud of the person that I've become?

This deep level of introspection, coupled with the minimalistic approach to the track's production, creates a strong sense of intimacy between the band and listener. "Sorry Mom" is a gentle reminder to stay true to yourself, that your mistakes do not have to define you, and most importantly, to call your mom.

Listen to "Sorry Mom" below: