The Greeting Committee - “Don’t Go” | All Eyes On

Say hello to your next indie pop obsession, The Greeting Committee. All low-hanging fruit aside, The Greeting Committee is an undeniably innovative quartet whose unique arrangement, courtesy of Addie Sartino, Brandon Yangmi, Pierce Turcotte, and Austin Fraser, is turning heads far beyond the band's native Kansas City, Missouri. Existing in a space between the DIY basement recording of your favorite local misfits and the expansive, lush textural sonic world of well-seasoned musical veterans, The Greeting Committee is crafting an infectiously novel sort of pop-minded indie rock.

Following the release of The Greeting Committee's much-clamored about debut album, This Is It, we had the pleasure of inviting the quartet out to Beverly Hills for an exclusive interview and performance of their standout single, "Don't Go." And for anyone who has yet to catch The Greeting Committee live, let us tell you, you are missing out on a show quite like no other. The quartet transported us back to every spirited house show that got a little too out of hand, while still retaining the skillful polish of a band who had been around the circuit their fair share of times. This is a band made for those who appreciate the art of moshing as much as they do the art of impactful song structure.

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