The Polar Boys are Top Tier Genre Benders


The dynamic Miami trio Polar Boys is hitting the ground running in 2021. This dreamscape of a band is intertwining pop rock with complex orchestration that's yet to really make an in anywhere in the industry. The Polar Boys are breaking new ground with their first two singles of the year, and heads are beginning to turn their way.

Bouncing off the success they had in 2019 and 2020, the band has their eyes set on a big year. The Polar Boys kicked off their releases with "BLACK DOG," a song influenced by the black lab that has sat through every single demo session they've had. A number one fan who doesn't mind what you're writing and why you're writing it, simply just happy to be there. A mindset the band continues to carry through every session. The feeling of pure bliss writing music you love with the people (and doggo) you love. The song's intricate arrangement takes you on a euphoric ride inside the minds of the creators. The diverse guitar tones, bass slides and down beats easily create an extremely satisfying tone. The heavily rock influenced track almost leaves you confused on what decade you're in, but maybe that's what makes the track itself so interesting and progressive. A bold and admirable move as a first single back.

It wasn't until their latest release where we really understood why this band had us coming back. The boys have this retro surf rock fusion that they display on their new track, "Let Go." From the guitar tones, to the orchestration, and straight down to the vocal production, they prove they're able to recreate a nostalgic 60's rock sound while continuing an extremely modern and untouched sound. The vibes are bright and the vision is clear. They're creating a world in which we can only compare their music to their music. A true testament to a very promising band.