The Track of the Summer Arrives Early in Whethan and Bearson’s “Win You Over”


"I think one of my biggest goals is to work with people who don't do electronic music, and then bring them to my world and make music with them." -  Whethan 

19-year-old Ethan Snoreck, more popularly known as Whethan, is quite possibly the future of electronic music. The forward-thinking producer already has more than his fair share of accolades under his belt, ranging from collaborating with Dua Lipa, playing festivals and shows across the globe, to recently announcing that he will be headlining Red Rocks Amphitheatre alongside Big Wild, but it is his most recent release that feels like his biggest musical achievement to date.

"Win You Over," Whethan's hypnotic new track, sees the rapidly rising producer teaming up with Norwegian artist Bearson and Irish dream pop artist SOAK for a track with an insatiable groove. "Win You Over" follows the release of Whethan's acclaimed debut album, Life Of A Wallflower Vol. 1, and illustrates just why there is such a palpable sense of excitement when it comes to every new Whethan and Bearson release. To put it simply, this is the joy of dancing in the summer given sonic form.

From its very opening moments, it is clear as day that "Win You Over" is more than just a dance-inducing, disco-tinged hit; this is a track with a heart and soul. Every singular production element that Whethan and Bearson have laid down here, including kicking it all off with the tuning of an FM radio dial (something you would expect to find on a The Avalanches record) is pure perfection. Yet, what is most exciting is the way in which these two producers have crafted a veritable dreamlike soundscape for SOAK, an artist who we never would have expected on a dance record but feels so at home on one.

Listen to "Win You Over" below:

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