Theo Kandel Tackles the Circular Nature of Heartbreak in "I Don't Wanna Think About That"


Photo: Nathaniel Clayton

Alternative pop singer-songwriter Theo Kandel is as honest and uninhibited as ever in their latest single “I Don’t Wanna Think About That.” The single touches on self-navigation and the decoding of emotions when a romantic relationship comes to an end.

With its uninhibited lyricism and unabashedly sincere sound, the singer tackles the cyclical mental and emotional experiences that arrive following a break-up. The hooky chorus oozes with hurt and self-reflection, especially with lyrics like, "Well is it pain / The reason I knock myself out every night?/ Is it shame / The reason I can't make love cuz it don't feel right?“ and "Am I insane / For pushing away the only girl who ever had my back? / Well I don't wanna think about that." 

As Kandel explained in an interview with Flaunt, the project is about "that idea of circular thinking that you can have when you experience heartbreak - or any kind of sadness like that - where you keep finding yourself back in the same place."

The single’s corresponding video is equally compelling and heartfelt. Shot in a bowling alley with twinkling lights and through a nostalgic aesthetic lens, listeners can see Kandel emotionally perform with his backing band. These performance scenes are intercut with camcorder shots of the band bowling in the empty bowling alley, which provides some levity in an otherwise heart-wrenching music video.

"I Don’t Wanna Think About That” is from the artist’s forthcoming concept EP, Spin Cycle, which will be released June 18. The record is musically intricate, layered, and blends a variety of instrumentation that creates a solid sonic identity that directly distinguishes Kandel as an artist. Each song from the EP will also have a companion music video to elevate the listening experience and tell the story of each song in a visual medium.

Listen to "I Don’t Wanna Think About That" below: