Thoreau And Darci Join Forces For Infectious Multi-Genre “Sick Too”


Within the first few seconds of listening to "Sick Too," the hypnotic collaboration between Thoreau and Darci, you are hooked. The track is the perfect love child of the two artists, incorporating indie-rock, electronic and modern hip-hop. Bringing to light qualities from both Thoreau's invigorating production and songwriting from the intoxicatingly fresh duo, Darci, the single is exciting to say the least.

Starting off with a catchy guitar riff and smooth vocals supported by tasteful reverb, "Sick Too" takes us on a dreamy melodic journey and captures our attention with well-thought out lyrics. Singing, "I think you're perfect when you're broken, don't ever be alright" and "I don't think I'll quit when I'm with you and I think I'm in love cause you're sick too," the song illustrates the internal joy that comes with finding someone who understands us and chooses to be with us even through the pain we are feeling. Serving as an ode of reassurance, “Sick Too" reminds us that it is okay to be broken and that there is beauty in pain.

Check out the new single below: