tiny deaths Looks Into the Corrupt World of Fame in “the Jump”

Los Angeles dream pop artist tiny deaths has something she wants to ask in her latest single "The Jump." A ponderous song which takes a deeper glance at whether popularity and notoriety generates more damage to a person than anything else. tiny deaths, (the moniker of Claire de Lune), shares how she would often think to herself, "does fame attract rotten people or does the fame itself rot them?" and the new visuals for "The Jump" investigate this theory.

Through a raw black and white lens, the simple, yet powerful video features dancer Desaré Cox, with choreography from Zhane Jackson. The video focuses on TikTok culture and using the power of social media to express yourself, while simultaneously becoming blinded to the addiction of raking up the amount of likes you get, constantly comparing yourself to others and desperately trying to keep up with trends. Something as menial as a social media app on your phone can have the ability to turn peoples lives upside down and what was once a fun way to make creative videos, can now have devastating effects.

Sonically, "The Jump" emits a sombre, wistful atmosphere through steady beats and ethereal, laid-back vocals. Intertwined with glistening synths, cinematic soundscapes and softened tones, the song creates an almost eerie feeling. "The Jump" is off of tiny deaths' upcoming EP If I'm Dreaming, set for release November 13th.