They’re a Meme and They’re Owning It in Top That Track’s ‘Indie Starter Pack’ Episode


Top That Track returns with co-hosts Precious and Dave are channeling their inner indie kid in this week's episode. 

They've got their Fjallraven backpack, pastel polaroid camera, and they're only typing in lowercase. In this episode, the pair become their favorite meme: the indie starter pack. Dawning their rigid denim high rise jeans, a tweed jacket, and banged up Vans, Precious and Dave battle for their favorite new and old indie guilty pleasures and one-hit wonders. 

Tune in to the battle on Spotify or Apple Podcasts and tell us whose song Topped That Track? Cast your vote for your favorite song in our Twitter poll, and you tell us who won!

Listen to "TTT 4: Indie Starter Pack" below: