Welp, Mourn Festival Season With Top That Track’s ‘The Last Fest’


Festival Season 2020 has pretty much gone out the window. Now we're left staring at our closets full of fringe and sports jerseys ,wondering if we'll ever have a reason to wear any of this stuff again. We should be speeding down the 10 with the windows down, en route to Indio for the second weekend Coachella this very second. 

Yet we're not, so Top That Track is doing the next best thing. Co-hosts Precious and Dave are not only creating their own dream festival lineup, but they've also invited on a super special guest judge, indie musician Aaron Taos, to partake in the fun! 

Since we're stuck inside, it's the perfect time to daydream. What headlining act would you die to see? And whose song will top that track? Taos is picking his favorites from round one and two, but the winning song is always up to you. Drop by our Twitter after to cast your vote for your favorite track!

P.S. if you shave your beard into a handlebar mustache like Taos', yes we will send you OTW merch. 

Listen to "The Last Festival" on Apple Podcasts or Spotify below: