Top That Track Invites You to “Expect the Unexpected”


It's always fun when artists decide to switch up their music, be it they're trying a new genre or combining two songs into one. In music, surprises are always around the corner! This week the hosts are playing their favorite tracks with incredible switch-ups and overly innovative melodies. 

Joined by alternative R&B artist Toulouse, co-hosts Precious and Dave explore what it's like to be a musician trying to constantly keep fans on their toes with his music. He's also giving us the first chance to listen to his newest single "Magnificent." 

But were his winning tracks the right picks? Have your voice heard and vote for your favorite tracks on our Twitter! And check out Toulouse's adorable pup he's raising to be the next big SVP of A&R. 

Listen to "Expect The Unexpected" on Apple Podcasts or on Spotify below: 

And check out "Magnificent" below: