Top That Track Has the Aux in Their “Get The Party Started” Episode


This week, Top That Track is in party mode. Precious's birthday is on the horizon and she won't let Dave forget it! Nevertheless, she's still trying to figure out how to celebrate. Will it be a lively house party or a night out at the club? What vibe will she choose? Well, that all depends on the music!

In this episode, the pair use the pending national holiday to tell stories about epic house parties and failed 21st birthdays, all while highlighting the songs that made their nights out one of a kind. Listen in, laugh, and find that song that will get the crowd going the next time you are handed the aux. 

But remember, this is a competition… Whose song will Top That Track? You tell us and cast your vote for your favorite song on our Twitter poll. The choice is always yours. 

Listen to "TTT 5: Get The Party Started" below: