Toronto’s Verzache Shows Unwavering Promise in Anti-Genre ‘Thought Pool’ [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]


Whether it's the lyricism, production, or just overall genius, the talent coming out of Toronto's music scene seems inexhaustible, and the rest of the world seems to be noticing. These artists are generally stumbled upon after one of a million Soundcloud scrolls, or just after your 301st listen of various "New Music" playlists, making the reward of their music that much greater. Such is the case for up and coming artist, 21-year old Toronto native, Verzache, who falls into a lane all his own and may find his way into your music library purely through word of mouth.

Verzache, also known by his friends as Zach Farache, began as an electronic producer in his teens. D97, his first EP from 2016, holds the six electronic tracks that got him started. With virtually no lyrics, the project is a shocking comparison to the lyricist he is now, going on to develop a knack for intricate pen-to-paper translations of his own moments in time.

From open to close, "Beginning" to "Waiting for You," Verzache constructed a cohesive audible enterprise. Throughout the EP, you can hear his process in fine-tuning his production abilities, while coming to understand what he is capable of through the seemingly natural complexities of each song.

"Waiting for You featuring Swell," the outro, deserves special recognition for paving the way toward the sound he's come to now. It's also a crowd favorite, according to Apple Music and Spotify streams, which can't hurt. The track is a slower, emotional proclamation of love, complimented by a bright ukulele and soft echoes of vocals. It's airy, hopeful instrumentals and sulky singing draws the listener in, before allowing a brief minute to let the production run, and fall into angst filled whispers of what was.

D97's promising reception among listeners left room to try out a new sound, or four, leading to the experimental singles of 2017 and 2018. Spanning the genres of rap & hip hop, R&B, downtempo, and alternative, his releases became anything but predictable.

Ten strong singles later, Verzache's latest, Thought Pool, merges his production dexterity and moody lyricism, to form the perfect debut album. He dabbles in the acoustics he's known and loved for, while affirming his vulnerability in the same way "Needs" previously stole hearts the moment of its release, Valentine's Day 2018. Verzache finds a way to connect with fans in a way only possible through the open-heart surgery of an unrequited love song about another, or himself.

Thought Pool has something for everyone; after all, Verzache did spend nearly two years smoothly weaving through genres to find the right fit. Whether it's the catharsis of "Some Things," the nostalgia of "What Happened," the God-filled serenity of the "Free (Interlude)," or the commanding passion of "Kick It," no one will be left unsatisfied. Thought Pool is the formative chapter of Verzache's ascension into his potential; check out the entire project below: