torr Delivers “selfdestruct,” a Heart-Racing Lovesick Stunner


Photo: @ryanleahan

Have you ever been so infatuated with someone that it takes up every last bit of available space in your brain? Sweet giggles turn into obsessively looking at your phone, wondering when they're going to hit you back. Sending funny memes becomes checking their likes, seeing if they're laughing at someone else's jokes. This lovesick stage is exactly what torr explores in his newest single, "selfdestruct."

torr tells Ones To Watch the song "is one of my favorite songs ever." He elaborates, "I wanted to make a super cute and danceable song about having a crush but also write about the not-so-cute part about crushes: the paranoia, anxiety, and insecurity. I tried to reflect that in the production too. It's definitely built like a pop song but I really had fun adding little jarring moments of chaos."

Chaotic is the perfect way to describe both crushes and this song. torr's emotional evolution throughout the track is summed up simply in its first two bars: "I think you're pretty cool, but you turn my head to gravy / All my broken molecules are crushed on feeling crazy." The dichotomy of torr's erratic songwriting clashing against his upbeat, quirky production makes your head spin as much as puppy love will, but his relatable way of expressing lovesickness is something we can all dance to.

Listen to "selfdestruct" below: