Torrentiiial Is the Hawaiian Hip-Hop Artist You Need to Keep on Your Radar


Photo: Christian Edwards

Hawaii is known for plenty, but it has not been known as a birthplace for rising hip-hop talent. It may be this lack of regional influence that has Honolulu native Torrentiiial sounding so refreshing and unique. Over the past couple of years, Torrentiiial has put out consistently memorable material that has made him an artist to take note of. His deep register is reminiscent of Channel Tres, but his instrumental choices are far more funk-fueled and tropical.

Torrentiiial also has a clear knack for catchy hooks and refrains, which is illustrated on his standout track "She Stole My Heart," from his 2019 album Hell and Hi Water 2. The track is driven by an infectious bassline and Torrentiiial's sung hook and spitfire rap verses. "She Stole My Heart" exemplifies what sets Torrentiiial apart. He is not afraid to merge genres and rap over instrumentals that most rappers would avoid. This track and its colorful accompanying music video are the perfect place to start for those unfamiliar with Torrentiiial's unique style.

Following the release of Hell and Hi Water 2, Torrentiiial has released a few singles, most notably "Pray for Me" and the Zac Flewids-assisted "Taste Liiike." "Pray for Me" is another Torrentiiial track driven by a catchy bassline and his signature deep tone.

The most recent release, "Taste Liiike" has a more tropical atmosphere with a plucky guitar instrumental and some of Torrentiiial's fastest flows to date. While the latter half features Zack delivering a boyish, tongue-in-cheek verse that acts as a perfect contrast to Torrentiiial's rich timbre.

Torrentiiial's sound is a stunning combination of funk and hip-hop that will continue to set him apart and elevate his profile with each release. With an ear for groovy instrumentals and impressive flows, he makes putting together high-quality music seem easy.

Listen to "Taste Liiike" below: