Trevor Daniel Battles Lingering Melancholy in the Anthemic “Past Life”


Photo: Cian Moore

Few artists can perfectly balance the anthemic nature of pop and the lingering melancholy of modern-day trap to the degree of Trevor Daniel. The Houston, Texas native has an innate gift for penning tracks that reaching soaring highs while dealing with cataclysmic lows of battling one's own inner turmoil. This striking juxtaposition builds the crux of his latest emotional single, "Past Life."

Co-written and produced by Grammy-winning artist FINNEAS, who you may recognize as Billie Eilish's brother and sole writing and producing partner, "Past Life" unsurprisingly shines as a leftfield pop gem. Effortlessly blending elements of pop and trap-rock, Daniel comes face-to-face with his self-destructive tendencies and unshakable sadness.

"I’m trying to be honest with my happiness / Don’t know why I’m bad at this, uh /… Gave me what I wanted when I needed it / Honestly, I mean it / And if I could convince myself to feel it / You know I would feel it, I would," confesses Daniel over a swell of production that elevates his ensuing melancholy to crushing heights. It is a story that is likely relatable to far too many, one of trying to be okay with newfound happiness when you have found yourself in a dark place for so long.

The brand new single also arrives alongside the announcement of Daniel's highly-anticipated major label debut album, Nicotine, which is set to release later this month. In addition to the single and album announcement, Daniel will be embarking on a tour this spring and summer that will take him across North America and see him play multiple festivals both stateside and overseas.  

Listen to "Past Life" below: