TSHA Scores the Return to the Dancefloor With “Power”

Photo: Annie Reid

Remember dancing? If by chance the last year-and-a-half has your feet figuratively stuck in the mud, London-based virtuoso TSHA has you covered. After months of lonely livestream sets and a longing for audience engagement, the self-taught producer and DJ is once again ready to move the crowd with emotive grooves and vibrant melodic composition. Drawing from sounds both traditional and atypical, TSHA's unique marriage of bounce and benevolence has quickly seen her emerge as a presence that can no longer be ignored on the dancefloor.

"Power" arrives as the second single from TSHA's forthcoming EP OnlyL, and sees her delivering a track oozing with sentimentality for the collective experience that her craft invokes. Written in the throes of lockdown, "Power" is a moment that begs to be experienced within the long-awaited embrace of an audience. With infectious, rolling 808s alongside plucky steel drums, twinkling keystrokes, and staccato vocal samples, "Power" somehow creates a soundscape that would have equal draw in a sweaty, neon-washed club as it would on a Mediterranean beach at sunrise.

"I wrote this track with clubs in mind, in the midst of the pandemic, with a dream to play it out to a large crowd and have a proper dance again," notes TSHA. "It’s been such an amazing feeling to have seen your reactions to 'Power' over the past few weeks as the UK has slowly began to open back up again. Hearing the track for the first time in the environment that I wrote it for, at a time when these moments seemed so far away, has been a seriously humbling experience for me."

On the heels of an unwelcome live music hiatus, this summer has seen TSHA picking up right where she left off, setting her sights on bigger stages and more ambitious live production to come. Armed with her singular taste and a healthy dose of optimism, TSHA is delivering some of the most evocative and dancefloor-ready tunes this side of the apocalypse.

Be sure to pre-save TSHA's upcoming EP OnlyL slated to release August 27.

Listen to "Power" below: