Tyler Thomas Thinks It’s Time For a “Roll Call”

Los Angeles-based artist Tyler Thomas won't let the pandemic stop him. Now we're not saying he's out here being irresponsible, we just mean he has plans for 2020 and he won't let anything get in his way. After working with Pusha T on the compilation rap album in partnership with 1800 Tequila in 2019, Tyler started his 2020 campaign with "Oh Lord." On the track, he echoes his dedication to  achieving his goals and protecting everything he's earned over haunting trap drums. Today, he's back with the premiere for his new single "Roll Call."

Speaking on the song, Thomas says,

“Roll Call” was very different for me and I love it because it’s a track my fans wouldn’t particularly expect of me. It’s a fun record that steps away from the heavy lyricism while still allowing an unimaginable story. I like to be very transparent with my fans so it’s about having actions that you are not proud of, rightfully backfire. Our goal was to make a video in which the worst case scenario turned this situation into a wild and energetic, yet humorous night terror. It was a crazy process to put together during these times of quarantine as many of the new laws restricted us on how we could get certain shots so we depended heavily on communication, which was key. That plus a great team helped make this possible. That said, I’m proud to say that this is my best visual yet and I can’t wait till you guys see how the story plays out…“

Watch the entertaining video for "Roll Call" below and look out for more from him in the near future.