Unusual Demont Blends Musical And Visual Styles in Video For “Pine”


Photo By: Margeaux Lau

Though barely two weeks have passed since Unusual Demont released his sophomore single "Pine." the Wisconsin native is showing no signs of slowing down. This month, Unusual Demont returns to us with the official video for "Pine," once again proving to his fans and peers alike that he is a powerful force in music that is here to stay. Like the single itself, the video for "Pine" is cleverly made and thoughtfully executed. With a 2000's-themed visual laden with evergreen imagery, Unusual Demont's sultry R&B anthem is once again at the forefront of our minds as spring comes around the corner. 

If you missed our coverage of "Pine" earlier this month, then this video is a must-see for fans of R&B music and early 2000's pop. Over an infectious bass line and drum patterns that sound like they were pulled straight from a TR-808, Unusual Demont's effortless vocal performance is nothing short of masterful. To put it simply: "Pine" sounds like if the child of *NSYNC and Miguel sang an R&B banger produced by Thundercat or Pharrell - but Unusual Demont's originality sets him apart with a powerful creative spirit and clear artistic vision. Through binocular lenses, we see the singer dancing surrounded by dreamy viridian hills one moment, and surrounded by digital imagery in a parking garage the next. This kind of curveball doesn't stop at just the visuals, however, as "Pine" is interestingly written with uncommon chord progressions that are sure to make you keep the track on repeat. 

It is hard to pick out what exactly makes "Pine" and Unusual Demont so intrinsically enjoyable. Perhaps it is the skilled production, or the flowing vocal layers, or maybe even the video that I find myself watching over and over again to make sure I didn't miss any details. Whatever the thing is that makes Unusual Demont so unique, "Pine" and the accompanying video prove that he has the potential to be music's next big thing. Though "Pine" is only his second single, if it is any indication of things to come - 2021 is shaping up to be a pretty great year . Watch the video for "Pine" below.