Up & Coming Indie-Rocker Tommy Newport Takes Us To Wichita, Kansas [GO HOME WITH]


Tommy Newport first caught our attention with his incredibly crafted album, Just To Be Ironic. Since then, Newport has released a single, "Million," and hit the tour circuit hard, currently headlining shows in Canada and the US. His sound has classic rock appeal, infused with funk elements, playful lyricism and whimsical instrumentation. He may be young, but Tommy Newport is making a name for himself with sophisticated musical chops and powerful artistic presence. 

Not to mention, he's supporting Sticky Fingers in March on a tour presented by yours truly.


After listening through his album, we got to thinking about the importance of where an artist comes from. What could be more revealing of an artist's influence than the place they grew up?

We decided to do some investigating into the life of Tommy Newport, which brought us to his hometown of Wichita, Kansas. Newport spent the day showing us his favorite spots, from the diner with the best milkshakes, to the vintage camera shop with a furry doorman to the chicken coop that houses his friends Suzanne, Deborah and Carol.

Check the pilot of our new hometown series to experience a day in the life of Tommy Newport: