Valentina’s ‘Unmanageable’ Is Pure, Soulful Catharsis


"Here are six songs chock-full of uncensored things I wish I said to people in real life," shares Valentina when asked to describe her debut EP. And upon a single listen, it is readily apparent that the Los Angeles - based artist is not just telling the truth, but she is prepared to belt it to the heavens and beyond.

Unmanageable, the debut EP from Valentina, in many ways feels like years in the making. For what the Los Angeles native has done here is chronicle years of dismissal, pain, and resentment into a single, profound moment of musical catharsis. The varying characters Valentina whisks into existence, from music industry parasites to even Diddy, take on a life all their own, to the point they nearly feel tangible. It is a testament to the rising artist's uncanny ability for empathic vocal delivery, which is reminiscent of a timeworn soul singer.

And while Unmanageable is a project centered around Valentina's lived trials and tribulations, at no point does it ever feel mired in the past. In the EP's lead single "Powerful," we come face to face with arguably one of the artist's principal naysayers yet leave feeling more empowered than ever before. Inspired by Valentina's time on The Four, where aforementioned hip-hop giant Diddy dismissed her future in music, the Los Angeles artist transforms a moment of harsh rejection into the very driving force she needed to achieve her dream.

In Unmanageable, Valentina is not some tragic character, wallowing over a life and incidents she deems unfair. In fact, over the course of six timeless tracks, she emerges as a fighter fully aware of the power of her voice. Unmanageable cements Valentina as an undeniably soulful voice in the realm of pop, but on a larger scale, it arrives as a rallying cry for anyone who has ever been told they were not good enough or that their dreams were out of their reach.

Listen to Unmanageable below: