Vonte* Experiments with Melodic Vocals on “Bank of America”


Florida has continued to be the center of innovative underground hip hop in the last few years. Building off this momentum is the artist, producer, and Orlando native known as Vonte*. Vonte* immediately stands out for his laid-back melodic vocals that he describes as "outer space."

Vonte*'s most recent release "Bank of America" perfectly defines what makes him so engaging. The instrumental is psychedelic, ambient and effectively matches his vocal delivery. Vonte*'s vocal experimentation and melodies make "Bank of America" one of his best tracks to date.

With Vonte*'s strong work ethic, consistent discography, and a vocal style that is unlike any of his contemporaries, he is sure to continue building success into the new year. Check out the visual accompanying the song as well as the rest that Vonte* has to offer.

Watch "Bank of America" by Vonte* below: