When it Comes to Winning, A “Denim Jacket” Is All Sammy Rae Needs


How do you think scientists feel when they discover a new species for the first time? The experience of seeing something never before documented on earth must be intoxicating and utterly thrilling. The feeling that overcomes the senses while being immersed in Samantha Bowers' magical fusion of rock, folk, and jazz must be similar. 

Over the weekend, the genre-defying front woman, who has taken on the moniker Sammy Rae, released her hard-hitting new single "Denim Jacket." The track will have you compulsively dancing around your living room. The song itself is evidence of both her unparalleled vocal prowess and her unwavering passion for what she does. Rae's buttery yet unbelievably dynamic vocals enter accompanied by a swinging electric guitar, as she regales her listener with an anecdotal anthem about how amazing clothes can make us feel amazing. 

As infectious as it is empowering, Rae's ode to her favorite “Denim Jacket" points to Marie Kondo's rule of thumb: good clothes should spark joy. The storyline in Rae's lyrics resembles that of a super hero movie, with Rae feeling "anxious/Didn't know how to act" until she puts on her "bulletproof denim jacket" and is instantly transformed into an indestructible winning super star. The poise, fearlessness, and tenacity in Rae's voice stays constant throughout and becomes increasingly contagious as the piece progresses. One listen will have you flying high with feel-good vibes. 

Rae has found success through her unearthly talent for injecting classic rock guitar lines and traditional jazz horns with modern hip-hop cadences, R&B-style vocal acrobatics, and complex, thoughtful, occasionally political lyrics. The astonishingly successful integration of so many normally-disconnected musical elements is pure creative ingenuity. Catch Sammy Rae and her charismatic crew of instrumentalists and back-up vocalists, the Friends, making their rounds through New York jazz clubs and performance venues.