Whethan and grandson’s “All In My Head” Is Perfectly Contained Chaos

Whethan entered the world of dance music as a genre-pushing wunderkind, praised by Skrillex and a legion of future house devotees alike. The ensuing story of Whethan would turn out to be anything but predictable, as he made a name for himself as a genre-skipping savant whose sound flourished and evolved to in turn match his growing number and collaborators.

The latest result of that malleable production prowess arrives in the form of "All In My Head," an electrifying collaborative effort between Whethan and grandson. “All In My Head" follows the release of the STRFKR-assisted "Stay Forever" and is the latest single from Whethan's forthcoming debut album, Fantasy. The unexpected pairing sees Whethan perfectly matching grandson's brand of outspoken, adrenaline-racing alternative rock to deliver a track that moves at a mile a minute.

The succinct offering does not even hit the two-and-a-half-minute mark, but "All In My Head" is certainly not lacking when it comes to making full use of its soundscape. Whethan and grandson cram every second, every heart-racing rise with a deluge of power chord - driven guitar riffs and cathartic breakdowns. There is some serious Blur "Song 2" energy here. 

It is a track practically begging to be played on repeat, scoring those bouts where you truly feel like you are losing yourself on a serotonin-induced high. So, like running from the cops or a brisk jog. Your choice.

In the span of two short minutes, Whethan and grandson score a bout of contained chaos that feels like if it was left to play out for a second more, it would burst forth at the seams.

Listen to "All In My Head" below: