Who is jxdn? | jxdn on Redefining Pop-Punk and Relationship With Nessa Barrett

Amidst the pop-punk resurgence, jxdn is looking to move beyond pure nostalgia. As the first artist signed to Travis Barker's DTA Records, the 19-year-old rule breaker is redefining what pop-punk means for a new generation. Tackling uniquely modern problems with the same intoxicating and subversive grit as his predecessors, jxdn's debut album, Tell Me About Tomorrow, arrived as a striking showcase of what the pop-punk wunderkind has to offer the world and genre at large. We had the chance to catch up with jxdn at this year's lollapalooza to discuss everything from pop-punk legends Travis Barker and Avril Lavigne to his relationship with Nessa Barrett.