Whookilledkenny Continues His Hot Streak With Debut EP ‘No Refunds’


Though 2021 has seen headlines dominated by hip-hop heavyweights, anybody with their ear to the ground can tell you that this year the culture has been kept alive by the genre's more burgeoning acts. In the wake of disillusioning albums that lack staying power, hip-hop's newer acts are rising to the challenge and making their voices heard, and Whookilledkenny is no exception.

Following an explosive year of viral singles, genre-pushing style, and explosive high-energy performances, Whookilledkenny returns with No Refunds, his hotly-anticipated debut EP. If you've missed his older tracks like "Rich Rich," "Trap Phone," or "Vanessa," worry not, as No Refunds is the perfect place to familiarize yourself with one of hip-hop's most promising young artists. Over six new tracks, the Austin rapper makes a strong case for 2021 being his year, delivering a healthy dose of a signature style and eclectic charisma that you'll have to hear to believe.

No Refunds sees Whookilledkenny continuing his 2021 hot streak with an insane run of iconoclastic and forward-thinking bangers. Though his style conveys an aversion to conforming and trend-hopping, hip-hop heads will be able to pick up key parallels to artists spanning from Smino to Saba, Vince Staples to Valee, and even fan-favorite Baby Keem. From the lurching bass signals on EP single "Tweakin'" to the ethereal keys on "Anti Cap," Whookilledkenny holds nothing back on his most consistently infectious offering to date.

No Refunds makes a strong case for the Austin rapper's spot in the hip-hop stratosphere, but if nothing else, it's a solid collection of six tracks laden with WhookilledKenny's futuristic bounce and signature style. Fans of burgeoning hip-hop artists best take note, as No Refunds is a must-listen effort this year from one of the scene's soon-to-be best.

Listen to No Refunds below: