Winona Oak’s “Let Me Know” Is an Effervescent Ode to Young Love


Best known for her collaborations with groups like What So Not and The Chainsmokers, Swedish singer and songwriter Winona Oak has since established herself as a new, fresh voice in the world of music. "Let Me Know," coined as her third major release as a solo artist, continues her rather characteristic cinematic approach to songwriting and sensationalizes themes of love and heartbreak in a way that is evocative of Lana Del Rey's trailblazing sound of the late-2000's.

In comparison to her low-amplified, beat-heavy, and electronic-influenced singles "Break My Broken Heart" and "He Don't Love Me," "Let Me Know" introduces a vibrant shift in sound that showcases Oak's powerful vocals amidst a rapid-tempo production. Such a notable transition allows listeners to immerse themselves within Oak's captivating narrative and the overflowing emotions surrounding the make-or-break moments that often arise in romantic relationships. Even more so, her visuals for the single reinforce the idea that love is blissful chaos, something that is intimate to everyone but universal in nature.

Oak is paving a path in music that is all her own and cinematic in scope. With a style that is sonically nostalgic, emotional, and bursting with adventurous production, we are eagerly awaiting the release of her debut project. 

Watch the video for "Let Me Know" below: