Witness Kari Faux’s Most Powerfully Personal Project Live at ‘HELP WANTED’ Tour [ANNOUNCEMENT]


Kari Faux's continually evolving artistry is often an unexpected but pleasant surprise. Like warm rain in the summer or a super bloom in the middle of a desert, Faux never ceases to bring enthralling innovation to her sound and message.    

CRY 4 HELP, released March 8, sheds a much more personal, intimate light on this multifaceted artist. Though still featuring her trademark, conversational rap style and biting lyricism that brought her initial acclaim from the likes of Childish Gambino and Issa Rae, CRY 4 HELP is a departure from her previous work. A truly special project, each track feels like pages ripped from Faux's diary, and encompasses a heartfelt testament to the trauma she has undergone and the healing process she has embarked on. In addition to the introspective themes, the compositional aspects of the project cross thresholds for Faux, including closer attention spent on live instrumentation and nods to a variety of genres outside of the hip hop and R&B realm, including jazz, neo-soul, and funk.   


Faux intends to bring this gripping record to the big stage. Following her highly praised set at the Fader Fort at SXSW 2019, the announcement of her HELP WANTED tour on March 29 comes with considerable buzz and anticipation. Commencing in May and spanning 12 headlining dates in cities all over North America, this performance is guaranteed to be nothing short of a spiritual experience. Be sure to grab your tickets HERE and take a listen to CRY 4 HELP below to experience the magic for yourself.