wolfacejoeyy Is Subverting Expectations With Each New Release


Meet wolfacejoeyy, the 18-year-old Staten Island native who refuses to be pigeonholed into a single sound or idea. The multi-talented artist has been steadily building a following on SoundCloud through earworm melodic hooks and a wide array of varied instrumentals. With his last five singles, wolfacejoeyy has been on an undeniable creative hot streak.

Singles such as "miss me," "dnd," "hi hater!" and his most recent single, "in this club," are perfect examples of what makes wolfacejoeyy stand out. If there's one commonality to be found between these singles, it's their addictive choruses and high-energy vocal performances. wolfacejoeyy effortlessly transitions from witty rap verses to melodic hooks seamlessly and "in this club" clearly displays this strength. 

wolfacejoeyy is on the cutting edge. His music builds on the foundation of artists before him, but his eclectic ear for production and his forward-thinking approach to off-kilter lyricism make him one of the most exciting up-and-comers in the scene today.

Listen to “in this club" below: