Yeek Releases “Only In The West” Video, Heads East

Photo: Isa Castro

Two years after the initial release of "Only In The West," Yeek has finally blessed our feeds with the music video, reminding us that living on the Westside isn't always just sunshine and tan lines. 

The release of this music video and subsequent rejuvenation of fans' love for the song is ostensibly Yeek's way of saying goodbye to the West Coast. The born-and-bred Floridian is now preparing to move to New York, but he won't forget what he's learned from living in the City of Angels, telling Vice's i-D that he is "excited to go there and walk slow, bring the relaxed energy of LA."

The video opens with Yeek stranded on a mattress in the ocean - at first, you may think this is a dream but as the song moves along you realize it's actually a nightmare. Throughout the song, Yeek vocalizes the trials of living the fast life in Los Angeles and the difficulties of pursuing music as a career, uttering "Music don't pay the bills / Music don't pay for food." 

The chorus is a repetition of "I got the West Coast blues," an apparent admission that he is so over the LA lifestyle. Maybe he was never cut out for it in the first place, singing about interacting with a modelesque woman in the club, "I don't know how to act / So I grabbed her by the ass."

We're so happy that Yeek brought new life to this track that we might forgive him for taking off to the East Coast. Check out the video below and start prepping for all of the enthralling new sounds we will get to experience when Yeek begins to blend his sound with the New York music scene.