Yellow Days Sultry Vocal Proves “It’s Real Love” We’re Feeling


Photo: Kodaiko Bayashi

England-based songsmith Yellow Days is not one to hold his emotions back. The young artist (born George van den Broek) has been channeling his feelings into music since the age of 16, recording from an impromptu studio in his parents' garden shed and eventually gaining notoriety for his confessional songwriting and prolific production. Now 19, van den Broek returns with his single "It's Real Love" to explore his romantic side.

The track opens with an intoxicatingly supple bass groove, creating a lush canvas on which Yellow Days paints his seductive vocal. Throughout the song, the artist layers in coats of heady synthesizers and hallucinogenic guitars, dyeing the song with ever-more vibrant colors and textures that reflect the singers developing emotions. This tension peaks in the chorus, with Yellow Days repeating, "Babe, it's real love" in an aphrodisiacal drawl that will have your heart melting.

Candid emotionality is something that fans have come to expect from Yellow Days. In addition to the amorous feelings associated with "It's Real Love," the artist has addressed topics like mental health and wellbeing in his other songs. “I can talk about my feelings ‘til the sun goes down," says van den Broek on his songwriting. "I love to just assess my own human condition; why I act a certain way. That debate constantly goes on in my music."

Recently, Yellow Days has been working with RCA Records to curate his full-length debut. Though it may have been recorded in a decidedly more spacious studio than his parents' shed, you can be sure to expect the same poignant sensitivity from Broek that captured your heart from the start. Get a taste for what's to come with Yellow Days' single "It's Real Love" here: