Yes, That Is the Tony Hawk in Deaton Chris Anthony’s “Tony Hawk”


Video game enthusiasts instantly recognize the signs of a very specific classic game: sick board grips with that penetrated eyeball, a shaggy, slightly pixelated skater slowly rotating clockwise, long lag as the change in hairstyle or article of clothing renders. Tony Hawk and the pro skating franchise was well before it’s time and gave birth to an icon who would be the direct cause of a generation of young kids scraping their knees from attempting to learn how to kickflip in their driveway. Up-and-coming producer, artist, and fashion designer Deaton Chris Anthony (also referred to as DCA) pays homage to the legendary pro-skater with his new song and video “Tony Hawk,” which features the prominent skating figure himself.

DCA is accompanied by rapper LA in this hard-hitting single carried by a deep, grimey bass and an absolutely unique production style. The vibrant music video seems like an aesthetic sneak-peek into the mind of the young creative who also designed the colorful garments worn through the video. “Tony Hawk” follows DCA's previously-released single “Racecar,” which features bedroom-pop sensation Clairo and Coco and Clair Clair. “Tony Hawk" and "RACECAR" are both set to appear on his forthcoming album BO Y.

Blow the dust off that old skateboard that’s tucked away in the garage and pay your respects to Tony Hawk and Deaton Chris Anthony below: