young friend and Anna Sofia Kickstart Summer With “SUGARCOATED”


young friend's music is in no way confined to the bedroom in which he makes it. The Vancouver native makes indie pop that vividly brings his youthful experiences to life, while also finding the space to write with a relatable sensibility. The pop newcomer has steadily built an audience with singles such as "PINCH ME," "ARIZONA," and "LOVERBOY," all of which caught listeners' attention through their optimistic bounce and catchy hooks.

Now, young friend is back and accompanied by rising popstar Anna Sofia on their new single "SUGARCOATED." The track is the perfect kickstart to the summer, as young friend sings and raps over bright guitar-driven production. The hook on the track is one of young friend's stickiest and Sofia's guest appearance matches the tone of the track perfectly, making this a match made in heaven.

"SUGARCOATED" embodies what makes the bedroom pop scene so captivating. Suffice it to say, young friend has yet to miss as he continues to grow his catalogue of easygoing pop earworms.

Listen to "SUGARCOATED" below: