Zac Greer Shows Off His Sentimental Side in “melatonin”


Singer, songwriter, and producer Zac Greer has yet to miss. The Arizona-based artist has been steadily building a fanbase with singles like "glitter" and "crazy," as well as his debut EP, headaches. The four-song EP showcases Greer's ability to consistently pen catchy hooks while merging genres seamlessly. 

His latest single, "melatonin," is arguably his best track to date. "melatonin" builds on the foundation set by headaches and exceeds those initial signs of promise. "melatonin" is lyrically emotive, highly catchy, and a platform for one of Greer's strongest vocal delivery yet.

If "melatonin" is any indication of where Zac Greer is heading, then definitely anticipate his next release. The multi-talented artist is one of many helping to establish Arizona as an up-and-coming scene to watch.

Listen to "melatonin" below: