Alaina Castillo Is a Backseat-Driving Fashionista in  "No Importa" Video

Pop songstress Alaina Castillo is making sure we’re well-satiated this Holiday season with the release of the music video for the last track on her antisocial butterfly EP. Just weeks after the EP’s release, Castillo has gifted us all with a video for  "No Importa" that is saturated in desert aesthetics, showcases flawless camera-work, and is an absolute unit of fly fits.  

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A  motif of self-assured freedom lurks behind each warm-hued scene and adds emphasis both to her amazing sense of fashion and to the message she’s trying to get across in her song. She’s completely unbothered by all those who oppose her. The incredibly talented 18-year-old has been gathering attention since she began to create covers on YouTube, often being compared to the well-esteemed pop singer Ariana Grande. However, Castillo is a force of her own and is making sure the world knows that.  

“No Importa” currently has two versions, one entirely in Spanish and another showcasing her bilingual abilities with a Spanish-English mash-up. No matter what language you speak, Castillo makes music that speaks to people on a relatable, emotional level, while keeping folks on a head-swaying, hip-moving groove. Alongside her beautiful falsettos, artful lyrical flow, and an infectious smile that could brighten anyone’s day, we sincerely mean it when we say that Alaina Castillo is working her way to securing her place as the next pop icon.

Watch the video for “No Importa” below:

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