Alaina Castillo's  'antisocial butterfly'  Sees Her Coming for the Pop Crown


From YouTube covers to her debut EP, 18-year-old Alaina Castillo is looking to continue to show the world her powerful voice. A few months ago, the young star found herself alone in her bedroom recording covers of Billie Eilish and Camila Cabello, yet little did she know she would garner an online fanbase of nearly one million followers. With this, Castillo was able to sign a deal with Chosen People and there has been no looking back since. Her dive into pop stardom officially starts today with her debut EP antisocial butterfly.  

Initially, Castillo caught the eye of star producer Rà˜MANS, who has worked with the likes of Khalid, Ella Mai, and Demi Lovato. Since then, things have only continued to pick up speed for the young songstress. The 18-year-old finds herself in the midst of a Latin movement stronger than ever, one that will be happy to welcome Castillo's blend of contemporary pop and splash of Latin charm.  

antisocial butterfly allows for the talented vocalist to showcase a soothing and gentle falsetto that will pull at the heartstrings and an ability to craft pop melodies poised to grace radiowaves around the nation. For such a young artist, Castillo takes pride as a songwriter and consistently delivers mature messages years ahead of her time. She spoke further on the themes surrounding her debut EP, sharing,

"When I sing or write for whatever reason I'm suddenly outspoken. I just say exactly how I think and feel. The EP is me addressing happy love, sad love, sudden butterflies and the struggles I’ve faced. It's taught me to try to really connect with the things I’m feeling and that to make a change I need to just speak about them even if that's only in a song.“

One of the EP's standout tracks is undoubtedly "papacito," which highlights all of Castillo's many areas of expertise. The melody the track opens with evokes comparisons to Ariana Grande at her fines. From the gorgeous falsetto to the subtle sass with each line, Castillo wears her influences on her sleeve but the music she is creating has a life on its own. The track could be a legitimate addition to Grande's Sweetener, and with that being one of the best albums of all time (a universally accepted take) that is certainly a compliment.  

Another highlight of the young songstress' debut EP is "i don't think i love you anymore." The three-and-a-half-minute track features a dramatic vocal line over intense strings and powerful bass. These elements craft a cinematic sensation to get lost in as the enchanting voice of Castillo floats through the air. As the song comes to a close, it is taken over by heavy drums before being sent off by the angelic vocals of Castillo, leaving you yearning for more.

Luckily, "i don't think i love you anymore" is accompanied by a music video that further dives into the artistic nature of the rapidly rising artist. With a gentle golden glow, the video is graced with a hue of beauty that matches the dramatic yet somber nature of the track. Directed by Felicia Manning, the video does a masterful job crafting a touch of beauty that compliments the lovely vocal performance of the EP's lead single. In just four weeks the world has certainly taken notice as well, with the video already amassing over two million views on YouTube.  

For a debut EP, antisocial butterfly is polished and full of pop-flavored hits from top to bottom. Just a few months ago Castillo had nothing to her name other than an array of Youtube covers, but now she has a debut project on her hands that could stand toe to toe with any of today's pop stars.  At just 18-years-old, Castillo is making it clear to the world that the pop crown is within reach.

Listen to antisocial butterfly below and catch Castillo on tour:

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