Alex Porat Walks Us Through Her Iridescent  Mini Album  'Miss Sick World,' Track By Track


Photo: Pat Ryder

Alex Porat creates sublime, bittersweet pop that moves with all the grace of a daydream given sonic form. Full of resounding earworms and heartfelt anthems, the Toronto artist's latest project, miss sick world, captures all the euphoria and sorrow that feels especially unique to coming-of-age. From the identity struggles that define the eponymous title track to the classic feelings of "can't live with them, can't live without them" that surge through the opening track "bubblegum," Porat delivers on a project full of emotional and sonic highs.  

We were lucky enough to have Porat give us the inside look into her triumphant mini album, with the artist herself walking us through miss sick world, track by track.  


"bubblegum" is about being in love with someone who has worn you down to complete numbness. A conflict of wanting to be able to live without them but not being able to.


"taxi" is a daydream. It's full of what if’s and maybe's. An anthem for the dreamer who has a crush (basically all of us).


If you ever feel like dancing out your feelings, I wrote this one for you. This one's about realizing you will never be with them... at least in this dimension. Trust me, it's okay to cry and dance at the same time.


No one has time for this double standard. Did he really think he could call me his girlfriend after one date? That's awkward. Who's going to tell him?

"miss sick world"  

"miss sick world" is about realizing that your dreams come with a price that you may not see until you've lost what matters to you.

"happy for you"  

I want to say I'm happy for you, but I'm not. It hurts to see someone move on without you and memories last so much longer when they're associated with pain.

"never say ily again"  

This song is my attack on anyone who takes those three words lightly. Legend has it, I still haven't said those words to this day (don't ask my dog).

"only hanging out cause i'm lonely"  

This one's about having a reality check and wondering if this person's for you or... are you in denial?

"forgot to forgive"  

"forgot to forgive" is about holding onto anger and resentment for someone who has caused you a lot of pain. Personally, I feel really good at dealing with all my feelings – except I still struggle with forgiveness.

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