Almondmilkhunni's "Henni Heartbreak" Will Get You in and Through Your Feels

Photo: @val.ok

Truth be told, as a proud Los Angeles native, I have a natural penchant for oat milk. With that being said, I would gladly reconsider my stance for Almondmilkhunni. More than just a nigh-perfect artist name, the self-proclaimed singer, songwriter, and college dropout triple-threat hailing from Philadelphia has an undeniable talent for nostalgic pop-R&B.

While Almondmilkhunni has only two singles to her name to date, this feels like the first chapter of a 2020 breakout act. First making a splash with the delectable "Grapefruit," Almondmilkhunni introduced herself as an admitted bad bitch over an effortlessly bouncy groove. However, it is her sophomore single, "Henni Heartbreak" that has us fully immersed in our feels.

"Henni Heartbreak" is a silky-smooth tale of Los Angeles heartbreak. "Broke my heart but I know I'll still live without you / Live without you," coos Almondmilkhunni over an array of understated production. The minimalistic production allows for the bittersweet nature of the entire affair to truly shine, as we are left to drift alongside feelings of lingering heartbreak and shimmers of optimism. And yet, even though there is no understating the sentimentality present, Almondmilkhunni never loses her footing as the head bitch in charge, a fact she makes perfectly clear in a Tenants of the Trees - referencing outro for the ages.

Then there's the accompanying video for "Henni Heartbreak," which is brimming with soft retro Hollywood glam. Simply put, Almondmilkhunni is without a doubt one to watch. So, how did we come upon our latest obsession?

I guess the old adage of "ask and you will receive" is true once in a blue moon.

Listen to "Henni Heartbreak" below:

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